Tragically, many orphanages across the world are filled with children with family members who cannot care for them due to a lack of economic resources. The Families for Orphans program works through partner organizations to help family members care for their own children. Where family members are not available, we promote policies and programs that place children with substitute foster families or permanent families through domestic and international adoption.

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acenda2The Acenda Project was created to help the children who did not have any living relatives to return home to. Supportive families were found and given training before their foster child was placed in their care. To date, Acenda has placed 20 children with loving foster families in the Beira and Maputo areas. However, Mozambique is extremely challenged with poverty, and the foster families would not be able to take in an additional orphaned child without support. Acenda offers the foster families training on how to care for an orphan,  regular monitoring of the child, and financial support.


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Bringing their three beautiful children home took Sharon and Greg Slater seven-and-a-half years of effort, but they’ll tell you it was absolutely worth it

Joy Lundberg May 07, 2014
“Please adopt us! We need a mom and dad. Please!” came the cry from three children orphaned by parents who had died of HIV/AIDS in Mozambique. They had an older brother who was dying of the same dreaded disease. He felt responsible for his three younger siblings, so when he met Sharon and Greg Slater during their visit to Mozambique he begged them to look after them. It was a desperate situation and they promised him they would.  Read more >