The Best Interest of the Child: A Documentary on Orphan Issues and Adoption

This documentary tells the emotional stories of four families that adopted vulnerable children from different parts of the world. It also explores orphan and adoption policies and the road blocks in some areas of the world to international adoption. One of the stories featured in the film is of Luis, Amelia, and Afonso, three AIDS orphan siblings who watched first their father, then their mother, and then their older brother die from AIDS. They are featured in the documentary to put a human face to the orphan crisis and the plight of HIV/AIDS orphans in developing countries.

Orphans from Mozambique stay best friends through fate

USA Today  l   April 6, 2016

Kelvin and Afonso grew up as best friends in a poor town in Mozambique. When their parents died from AIDS in 2002, they found themselves together in an orphanage, clinging to one another for support. Fourteen years later, they’re still inseparable. READ MORE @ USA TODAY >